Review Teclast F7: economical ultrabook with SSD

We have tried and reviewed for you the Teclast F7, a low cost ultrabook with SSD from 128GB of the Chinese company Teclast

Review Teclast F7 Ultrabook

Packaging and content

The laptop comes in an essential but elegant white box with silver writing and orange contrast. Inside, in addition to the laptop, we find an 24 Watt power supply with 12V / 2A output and with, in our case, an Italian and manual socket in English. In the package received there was also a Chinese socket adapter. After extracting it from its packaging we can immediately make a consideration: the notebook Teclast F7 is really light!

Appearance, dimensions and weight

Aesthetically it catches the eye its obvious inspiration to Macbook Air from Apple. The materials are of excellent workmanship. The body is completely made of aluminum with passive cooling and this is certainly a flaw because there are no fans for cooling. The dimensions are 31,5 x 20,85 x 1,35 cm and the weight of suns 1,23 Kg. This makes it perfect to be transported easily.

When opened, the screen lifts easily and with a good seal. The defect lies in the hinges that connect the screen to the base, creating a somewhat excessive oscillatory movement. Defect that however becomes annoying only when used on the move (by bus or train). This problem is no longer evident when the laptop is placed on a horizontal plane where its 4 rubber feet give it good stability.

Teclast F7 features

On the left side there is a micro HDMI port, an 3.0 USB and a small LED that indicates the battery charge status. On the right side we find a MicroSD slot, another 3.0 USB port, 3.5 mm audio jack for headphones and the input for the external power supply. Both USB ports have a small rubber cover. There are no Type-C ports. Behind the hinge of the screen the speakers are hidden: the audio is sufficient but the hinge on some occasions limits the volume. On the lower side, in addition to the already mentioned rubber feet, we find the compartment (M.2 slot) for the expansion of the internal storage.

The keyboard, not backlit and with island keys, is rather responsive and the keys return good feedback. For those not accustomed, you have to get used to the American layout or buy some of the stickers that show the ITA configuration. The trackpad, with a silver frame, is slightly hollow compared to the rest of the body and this makes it easily identifiable by touch if you look for it without looking at the keyboard. The touch response is always immediate and responsive. Only in some situations of excessive stress we have noticed some micro lag with a little click of the trackpad.

The Teclast F7 has within it an endowment of all compared to the value for money that certainly elevates it among the top of its category. The processor is an Intel Celeron N3450 Apollo Lake at 14 nanometers, it is a Quad Core with a base frequency of 1.1 GHz up to 2.2 GHz in turbo Boost. The memory is an M.2 2240 SSD from 128GB which you have to subtract almost 18GB for the operating system, internal system and more. RAM is non-expandable 6GB DDR3 SDRAM.


With 14.1 inch sizes, metal frames and a thin black rubber line surrounding it, the Sharp display that is mounted on Teclast F7 has a FullHD 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution for a total of 157 ppi. The panel is an IPS and guarantees good viewing angles. The colors are slightly saturated and white has a certain tendency to turn to yellow. We also noticed a slight backlight bleeding (light spots on the edge of the display evident especially when the background is dark). Surely not everyone will have these problems but it is to be expected.

In general, the quality of the panel is more than sufficient for a fairly faithful view of images and videos. As for the graphics, Teclast F7 has an integrated Intel HD 500 video card with a base frequency of 200 MHz up to 700 MHz, allowing fluidity in viewing and playing videos in 4K without any kind of blocks. As for gaming, good with less demanding games, but obviously forget all recent titles.

Above we find the 2MP camera with 2 sides small holes for the two microphones. Connections are guaranteed thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi ac Dual Band.


The internal battery of the Teclast F7 is from 4900 mAh. Not really exceptional as amperage but certainly sufficient to guarantee good autonomy. In our tests we measured an average recharge time of about 2,5 hours to switch from 15% to 100% with a lifetime of over 5 hours with intensive use. Precisely in this situation we detected another small flaw and that is excessive heating on the left side of the trackpad, corresponding to the CPU.

The Teclast F7 comes equipped with Windows 10 Home in English, free of utilty and useless bloatware. The conversion to Italian is a bit disappointing because in some menus Italian and English coexist, but this concerns the operating system; for this reason we recommend a clean installation.


In conclusion we have to say that, considering the price range in which the Teclast F7 is located, we are faced with a real best buy. It is true it is not perfect but in general we feel we can promote this ultrabook with flying colors and to recommend it for a basic use for the office package as a whole, university (with the exception of the technical subjects for which a decidedly superior configuration is needed) and multimedia.


The price of Teclast F7 is around 230 € with various offers from Chinese stores. We took it from Gearbest but currently there are no active offers. You can take a look at the following prices (automatically updated) or follow us up Telegram to receive new offers in real time.

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Review Teclast F7: economical ultrabook with SSD

Teclast F7 is an ultrabook at a reasonable price suitable for office and multimedia use

  • Design and materials
  • Price
  • Autonomy
  • Performance more than good
  • RAM from 6GB and SSD
  • Audio just enough
  • Ballerina screen hinges
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