Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Review. Top or Flop?

Pocophone F1 is the smartphone of Xiaomi which has aroused a lot of interest in this 2018. All this interest certainly thanks to the top of the range hardware and the mid-range price. Xiaomi, with its own policy, guarantees a low price for consumers, earning a low percentage on their devices. However, to sell a top of the range at such a low price, you will certainly have saved on other components.

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Review

Nicola, from ours Telegram group, tells us about his experience with Pocophone F1 in this review. A consumer review, and for this reason is not afraid to talk about the faults of this smartphone.

Review Pocophone F1

I finally got it. Think of spending less than 300 euros for a device with the best processor currently in circulation (Snapdragon 845), a battery from 4000 mAh, audio jack and MicroSD support, tempted me to the point of replacing my beloved Redmi Note 5.

The name

Yup, Poco F1, it is called this way, probably the name for a mother tongue English will have a less horrifying effect, but for us it is at least cacophonous, tastes of extreme chinoiserie. Perhaps only the name will produce an effect of 10-20% less sales.

Materials and assembly

I have read several reviews and all with the same litany of the official presentation or that the price is justified by the rear polycarbonate (but how much caspiterina costs a glass back?)

In reality, the mounted IPS is not the best, the sensation is tangible and the numerous cases of touch delay and bleending, especially near the curvatures of the screen (marked), bear witness to at least a questionable assembly.

We talk about the tianma nt36662a as a failed display, but it also affects other displays and the tianma is not always bad. I believe that they are simply saving even on the display but perhaps it would not have had the same effect as the polycarbonate story

In addition to this it is right to report the lack of infrared (ok, now few smartphones are equipped with it); the LED for notifications is placed at the bottom, very small and dim, white, not RGB. Finally, the vibration is almost imperceptible.


With the Launcher Poco it is not the same thing, the shortcuts are still those of MIUI 9 also with the 10 based on Pie. Notifications also appear and disappear in the beta (in the building with the notch they are not really visible on the status bar) and the only way is to use a Mi-Globe mod. The notifications on the lock screen just impossible to see, but solved thanks to an update of the beta. In practice, a very fast MIUI, but anything but mature.

As for the modding, the Android devices are all the same, currently the Lineage OS Pie looks the best, the Pixel instead drains so much. The notch and the markedly rounded display on all four sides often gives us cropped images, almost as horrible as the name. But it must be said that Pocophone F1 is a very supported smartphone and there are already several custom ROMs, kernels, mods, etc.


I'm not a great expert but I'm not bad. Better than Redmi Note 5, but not at the levels of the Mi 8. In low light conditions the images are a bit blurry and the white balance tends to "knead" everything. In good light conditions now all smartphones make decent photos so I'm not even talking about it here.

You can consult hundreds of shots in this Telegram group dedicated to the camera of Poco.


The battery from 4000 mAh is promoted. It guarantees a good autonomy to face the day even under stress and can be reached easily 8 hours on screen turned on.


Is worth? .

If you are looking for something powerful but with some compromise, more or less serious, otherwise you will take other paths. From the first day I had it in my hand it seemed to me to be one of those with the Abarth machine with big wheels that were once in fashion. You could press the accelerator pedal and keep a Lamborghini behind you. Then the girls almost always got on the Lamborghini and all you had to do was the nerd nod who still remains to me.

7 Score
Pocophone F1. Top or Flop?

Pocophone F1 is a smartphone with excellent performance with good autonomy at an affordable price. But you'll have to settle for the quality of the materials and the display

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