[Review] ZGPAX S28, the inexpensive Smartwatch

We got a Smartwatch from GearBest for give it to our readers [find how], but first I wanted to get my hands on it for a few days just to give an idea of ​​the functionality and performance.


In addition to the Smartwatch, in the box we find the user manual, earphones, USB cable and charger. The latter, unfortunately, has an American power plug and there is no adapter. However it is rechargeable via USB via PC, but more on that later.

ZGPAX-s28-box ZGPAX-s28-scatola1 ZGPAX-s28-scatola2


Memory MicroSD up to 8GB
SIMs. Micro SIM
Connectivity GSM
GSM850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz
Bluetooth 3.0
Display 1,54 ″ Capacitive 240x240p multitouch
Battery 450 mAh

Let's start by talking about the dimensions of this Smartwatch: the dial, in millimeters, is long 46 (58 in total), wide 39 and often 12.5, a little too often to be honest; the display is instead of 1,54 inches capacitive with 240 * 240p resolution: it is not too small, but the edges are abundant .. a slightly larger display would perhaps have been more comfortable, however it is still a smartwatch and overall the design is not it's not bad at all. Just below the display, we find a central multifunction button: lock / unlock screen; switching on and off; home function. The left side is completely clean, on the right we have the microphone and the connector both to recharge the battery and to insert the earphones. Finally, in the upper part, we find the speakers.
The strap is made of silicone; the total weight is close to 100g: it is not the maximum of lightness, but it is also not uncomfortable to carry around on the wrist.
The internal memory of the phone is very limited, on the other hand we have a slot for microSD (maximum 8GB) with a micro SIM slot next to it. The only sensor fitted is the pedometer which all in all does its dirty job. The heart rate monitor and camera are unfortunately absent. The battery is 450 mAh.
Finally, the CPU is a MTK6260 that runs the system very well, on which I have never detected a hitch. Unfortunately, the latter is not Android, so it is not possible to install various applications. It's actually a small system with interfaces similar to Samsung Gear's - even the startup sound is reminiscent of Samsung's - but it performs its native functions more or less well. Speaking of functions, let's see them in detail

ZGPAX-S28-look1 ZGPAX-S28-look
ZGPAX-S28-look4 ZGPAX-S28-look2 ZGPAX-S28-look4


Honestly, from the price (which we will see at the end) I expected a lot less! The thing that struck me at first glance is the touch which responds really well: on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give it a 9 just because it is not possible to set a touch feedback. It is even almost easy to write with the QWERTY and, speaking of keyboard, we have more writing modes: the qwerty, the T9 and the gestures. The T9 is the one that gives a better writing experience but unfortunately the Italian language is missing, in fact the whole system is English, even if everything is very intuitive. The other languages ​​available are German, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Interface: the display when locked shows an analog clock with the date, unlocking it we will have access to the home which is composed of status bar, digital clock with date and 3 icons - at the bottom - for quick access to the dialer, pedometer and settings. In the notification menu there are two tabs: the first one for network notifications, messages, missed calls, etc; the second instead has 4 quick toggles to activate / deactivate bluetooth, sound, airplane mode and manage the brightness of the screen. The latter is not bad: there hasn't been a lot of sun these days, but you can see pretty well outside.
With a swipe - in any direction - from the home you access the menu (applications) divided into 24 items, 4 per screen: the few customizations allow you to set different transaction effects between switching from one screen to another.

Applications: the apps available are the essentials: call register, dialer, address book, messages, calendar, alarm clock, radio, file manager, calculator, browser, multimedia, etc.
I like how well they interface with the smartphone: the call log, dialer and other apps work with both the smartwatch and smartphone. Communication takes place via Bluetooth and what happens on the smartphone is immediately notified on the smartwatch. If it is about SMS we can even reply from the latter, while other types of messages (see whatsapp, hangout, etc) can only be read since there are no dedicated apps. Through the dedicated application (downloadable via QR Code available on the smartwatch) we will decide which applications must also be notified on the smartwatch and which not.
Likewise, we also receive calls and therefore it is also possible to answer directly from the smartwatch! The audio is unfortunately not the strong point of this device, it is very low while the microphone allows the interlocutor to hear us clearly and cleanly, even keeping the smartwatch at a certain distance: another positive aspect that I never expected.
Excluding audio, the telephone part is really well done both with integrated card and remotely, navigation certainly a little less. To tell the truth, I haven't even tested it for two reasons: first of all the maximum connection is GPRS and secondly, but not least, it wouldn't make any sense - at least for me - to navigate on devices with displays smaller than 2 inches!

What doesn't work very well, however, is remote music capture and playback. That is, two smartwatch applications that - respectively - should start the smartphone camera (and take pictures) and play the smartphone music on the smartwatch. The problem is that with the first the camera sometimes starts up sometimes not, with the second playback jerks. However the following video demonstrates the efficiency of these apps, so it could also be an incompatibility issue with my phone.

Other cool features are the alarm clock that it also works with the device turned off, the sleep monitor that evaluates the quality of sleep or the search for the phone that makes it ring if we don't find it (similar function on the smartphone app). In the latter it is also possible to set sound and vibration in case we go too far from the phone, not to lose it.

lockscreen ZGPAX-s28-notifications sms


Battery life is normal. With moderate use, bluetooth active and connected to the phone, the two days are covered and in stand-by the battery drain is very low. The 'problem' could be charging via electricity due to the lack of the European adapter. However, the problem can be solved with the USB cable and the PC, with which it takes about 2 and a half / 3 hours to fully charge.



All in all, the smartwatch likes it. What would make it perfect in my eyes would be a lower thickness and the volume keys that you might miss. A camera and the ability to install applications would be the top, but for the price it has, it would be asking too much. The quality / price ratio, to conclude, is quite honest. It costs in fact on Ask us about international distributors, but you can buy it at Ask us about international distributors with our coupon (below)!

For more information and to purchase, visit e-commerce a this link.

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