Redmi with 64MP camera: MIUI Camera confirms its presence

Samsung has already presented a sensor for the camera from 64 Megapixel which should arrive on smartphones during the second part of this year. Which he immediately interested Xiaomi, that with Redmi, is preparing to release a new one Redmi smartphone with 64 megapixel camera. After some rumors, officiality arrives today through the application of MIUI Room that among the codes already has a reference to the device in question.

Redmi Smartphone with 64 MP camera: MIUI Camera confirms its presence in the source code

Xiaomi has always used third-party sensors for its cameras. After Sony IMX586 da 48 Megapixel, now the company would seem ready to get its hands on the new sensor Samsung 64MP ISOCELL Bright GW1. The company's intention to mount this new sensor on its smartphones has been confirmed by a user of xda developers, which, in the application source code of the MIUI Room has managed to find an interesting reference to this probable smartphone.

Redmi with 64 MP MIUI Camera source code

In the image above you can see the various references to this device with a sensor from 64 Megapixel. In the various code strings we find references to a model with 64 MP and also a version "64 MP DUAL CAMERA"Which could be that of the device Redmi output.

This string of code, however, does not confirm that the device with the sensor of the Samsung It will be a Redmi. In fact, being the MIUI Room an application present both on the devices Redmi than on those Xiaomi, it could also be that this smartphone can go under the brand Xiaomi.

The sensor of the Samsung, 64MP ISOCELL Bright GW1, has a pixel size of 0.8 uM and a feature called Tetracell 4 in 1. This means that the sensor will not take pictures in 64 Megapixel but a 16 MP (4 images from 16 Megapixel that form one from 64, practically). However, in the camera mode PRO the ability to shoot directly to. should be enabled 64 MP.

Redmi with 64 MP o Xiaomi with 64 MP? This will probably be the doubt that will accompany us for the coming weeks. We only hope that the two companies will be able to give this device excellent hardware to accompany this new sensor in order to have an extremely interesting smartphone by the end of this year.


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