Redmi with Snapdragon 855 will have an in-display fingerprint sensor

Redmi will announce the long-awaited very soon Redmi with Snapdragon 855, the company's first flagship from the split from the parent company Xiaomi. By now they run so many voices on the device of which we still know very few specifications, the same launch date was, according to rumor, set for the next May 13 but still there are no official figures. A first official, in reality, seems to be there and concerns the presence of a fingerprint sensor under the screen.

Redmi with Snapdragon 855: Announced the presence of a fingerprint sensor under the display and surprising autonomy

After some rumors that seemed to reveal the name of the device, Redmi K20 PRO, which have not yet been confirmed, today the company president with a post from Weibo has anticipated some interesting features regarding the flagship. Indeed, Lu Weibing, with an image posted on the social affirmed how he is completely satisfied with the experience he is having with the device.

The image posted by CEO di Redmi reveals to us how the new device will present a fingerprint sensor, as shown by the footprint icon visible below. This also gives us another confirmation, the presence of AMOLED display.

A further figure is provided by the percentage of battery, in fact it seems that Lu Weibing has posted the screen after a busy day, and to see the battery still almost in half makes us understand that probably the new one Redmi with Snapdragon 855, will have considerable autonomy. For now, the first rumors speak of a battery from 4000 mAh.

In short, the new device of the Redmi takes more and more form day by day. For now the only official features are the presence of theNFC, the audio jack from 3.5 mm and, at this point, a sensor for in-display impressions. A launch date is still not given to us but we hope to be able to know it as soon as possible.


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