Redmi with Snapdragon 855: Hole in the display or retractable camera?

After that Redmi has become a completely independent company and separated from the Xiaomi has launched itself into the smartphone market going to place two excellent products like the Notes 7 and redmi 7. Both devices are smartphones designed for the medium-low end of the market. But for some weeks now the company has announced its arrival also in the high end, with the arrival of Redmi with Snapdragon 855.

Will the next Redmi flagship have a design with a hole or a retractable camera?

The news that revolves around this device are many, especially after the official announcement of his arrival made by Lei Jun during the spring festival. After the many news, later denied by the company, on probable designs and probable names is Lu Weibing to show us the likely look that the new flaghship of Xiaomi will.

Full screen display with hole or retractable camera

Today the Redmi with Snapdragon 855, or the next flagship of the company, has returned to be talked about. The did it CEO company, Lu Weibing, which with a post on the Chinese social Weibo he asked his users for a suggestion on which of the two designs they preferred. In the first design we see a smartphone that presents a hole in the upper left corner in which the front camera will be inserted, a type of design that we had already talked about lately an interesting "hands-on" video of a smartphone that we thought could be the flagship of Redmi. The second design, on the other hand, leaves the front of the device completely available to the display and the camera is positioned in a mechanical module that appears and disappears as needed. Also this type of design had already been indicated as the design chosen by the company, then in reality everything was denied.

In short, this Redmi with Snapdragon 855 the last post of the president of Redmi perhaps it makes us understand that the company has not yet produced a real prototype and is still looking for design to donate to the next flagship. The latest leaks, whether they were later denied or not, have however "guessed" the two designs on which the company is planning to produce.


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