Redmi with Snapdragon 855 will not have the retractable camera

In recent days Redmi was at the center of many rumors that saw it ready to release, in the second half of this year, a new flagship with Snapdragon 855 and a retractable front camera (pop-up camera). After also the first photo of the device, however, comes the official response of the company that denies the presence of a retractable camera on the new device with Snapdragon 855.

Redmi's new flagship will not have a frontal pop-up room

During the Spring Festival the president e CEO di Xiaomi, Lei Jun, he announced to the public that Redmi would launch its first flagship with it Snapdragon 855. Subsequently there were a lot of rumors that saw this flagship presenting a design never tried and seen on the company's devices, that is the one with a retractable front camera. Today, Lu Weibing , on social Weibo voices ceased with a dry "not happening”Regarding the unusual design that was rumored to have the device and that it had to be called Redmi Pro 2.

The answer that belies the presence of the retractable camera on the Redmi flagship

The statement, which then officially denies the presence of a pop-up camera, was made under a post in which the company has drawn up key points of its future policy. This list highlights how the company wants to produce high quality products at a super competitive price, continuing the policy it sees Xiaomi as one of the companies offering the best value for money. Lu Weibingmoreover, in his post he practically declared war on products that are too expensive, stating that technology cannot and should not become a luxury for the few.

In short, in addition to the beautiful and encouraging words, the post of Lu Weibing the many rumors about the new flagship denied us Redmi which, therefore, for now we only know that it will mount it Snapdragon 855. Now we need to understand if the device with retractable camera it was just a prototype that will never be produced or if it is, perhaps, a new device still not revealed by Xiaomi.


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