Redmi with Snapdragon 855 will be optimized for gaming

We are still anxiously awaiting the official status of the new Redmi with Snapdragon 855. The flagship of the company, in fact, is still unknown for most of its features. We told you about a possible launch for the next 13 May, but the same Redmi has not yet confirmed anything. New rumors, however, come directly from the company CEO, Lu Weibing, which through its Weibo profile makes us know new features of the device.

Redmi with Snapdragon 855, will be optimized for gaming

Today the CEO of Redmi, with a post on Weibo, he kept us informed of interesting news regarding the new device. Lu Weibingin fact, with a post he announced that the company's flagship has made enormous strides forward in three specific areas: One of these will be gaming.

redmi with snapdragon 855 first

redmi with snapdragon 855 second

The vice president of Xiaomi, CEO . Redmi, he kept on letting us know how the work carried out by the engineers of the Redmi has been above all based on improving thegaming experience. Already with the latest flagships of the Xiaomi we could appreciate the excellent work carried out in this field, with the development of the gaming mode: the Game Turbo.

The other two areas where the new Redmi with Snapdragon 855 promises to have no rivals is that of recharging and reducing frequencies. Almost official, therefore, the presence of an innovative charging system such as the Wireless one. Maybe the company could decide to donate the same wireless top-up module to the flagship Xiaomi Mi 9. As for the reduction of frequencies, instead, we imagine that the company wants to bring to the market a completely "healthy" phone. The harmful frequency emissions will therefore be reduced by limiting them to a minimum.

The same CEOhe also warned his users to get ready to know the benchmark results obtained from the flagship on AnTuTu. It seems, according to the words of Lu Weibing, that these results are shocking. Some rumors have begun to predict a result that goes over the 400 thousand points, if it were confirmed it would be an absurd result for a low-cost device.

In short, the new one Redmi with Snapdragon 855 he seems really ready to surprise us, giving us a flagship worthy of the name at a super competitive price. The arrival is now highly anticipated, we hope to be able to tell you more and, above all, to be able to bring you some official news in the coming weeks.


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