Redmi and Black Shark are working on an 5G smartphone

Xiaomi was one of the first companies to present the first device capable of supporting the new technology of the 5G. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G, in fact, was presented during the MWC di Barcelona this year and officially came out a few months ago in Europe. Now, however, it would seem that Redmi and Black Shark are the next in the production of one 5G smartphone.

Redmi and Black Shark are working on an 5G smartphone

La 5G technology it is practically the newest data connection technology that has "come out" in just a few weeks in our country. In fact, a few days ago, some Italian telephone operators have switched on the former 5G antennas, mostly in the area of Milan. A coverage, for now, really very small but that marks the beginning of a new era for mobile connections. An era in which companies like Redmi e Black Shark they don't want to be caught unprepared.

5G Redmi and Black SHark smartphones

The two companies, in continuous contact with the parent company Xiaomi, according to some rumors they would be about to dive too into the incredible speed of the 5G. The news was launched by Lu Weibing, the director of Redmi, which su Weibo has posted “5G is coming". A sentence that leaves no doubt. Even the boss of Redmi has issued some statements about how the small Chinese company will develop and market its own 5G smartphone by the end of the year at a price that should not exceed i 300 €.

But it doesn't end there. Indeed the post of Lu Weibing was also shared by the gaming division of Xiaomi, Black Shark, which has announced that they too, in the near future, will present a device that will support the 5G. Unlike Redmi, however, probably for Black Shark we'll talk about it again early next year.

This double declaration on the arrival of 5G done by both companies of Xiaomi could also anticipate a new collaboration between Redmi and Black Shark. It is still early to find out, for now we just have to fantasize about the declarations of Redmi of a probable low-cost 5G smartphone!


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