Redmi K20 will have the 2.0 Game Turbo mode

After discovering the look, or almost, of the Redmi K20, the company today wanted to delight us with another little preview on Redmi K20. This time, however, we are not talking about hardware and design but about software. In fact, the presence of the is official Game Turbo 2.0 also on the next device of the Redmi.

Redmi K20 will have the 2.0 Game Turbo mode

It almost seems like the company of Lu Weibing has decided to announce a new feature or aspect of the next device every day. Today was the turn of the Game Turbo, a feature we already told you about and that we learned about the flagship of Xiaomi, My 9. The announcement, as usual, was made by the company through its profile Weibo. In the poster the usual protagonist is present: the “demon king“, Mascot of the smartphone advertising campaign.

Redmi K20 Game Turbo

For those who do not know it, this mode allows you to have a gaming experience on your device that is unique in its kind. In addition to pushing hardware to high performance, the Game Turbo will allow you to manage calls, messages and notifications without having to leave or interrupt your gaming session.

But the mode announced on the next one Redmi K20 it should be an updated version. Seeing the poster, in fact, a Game Turbo in 2.0 version. For now the company has not yet officially ruled on what improvements this version will bring from the previous one. Some rumors, however, are already beginning to talk about an improved touch system and an even more optimized use of the hardware for the device Redmi.

Obviously we are all waiting to know the official features of this Redmi K20. For now the news that, every day, we get from the parent company are slowly composing a smartphone, which sold under the 300 €, will surely be a best buy!

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