Redmi K20: 4000 mAh battery confirmed

As the launch date of a device approaches, companies usually tend to release some little anticipation to make the hype grow more and more. After the announcement of the official launch date of Redmi K20, which will happen next May 28, Redmi today confirmed a first hardware component of the phone: the battery from 4000 mAh.

Redmi K20: 4000 mAh battery presence confirmed

The announcement was made, like the previous announcements, through the official account of the device on social media Weibo. Through a promotional poster, starring the usual phone mascot, the new battery was announced that had already been anticipated by some rumor, but of which we still had no confirmation.

Redmi K20

The new battery from 4000 mAh, therefore, we are going to add to the retractable camera already announced in recent days. For the processor there are still some doubts: it will be the standard version to mount it Snapdragon 855 or just the PRO version?.

Surely the capacity of the battery is not evil, but neither is anything incredible as it is a capacity that we have already found on other home devices Xiaomi, and not only. It will be necessary however to test the autonomy as it will be necessary to see how much it will cost, in terms of autonomy, the mechanism for the pop-up camera.

The official announcement of the Redmi K20 gets closer and closer. Next Tuesday we suggest you visit our website to learn about the specifics and price of the first one "Killer"Of Redmi.


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