Redmi K20 is the official name of Redmi's flagship

The announcement was expected for today, and was not long in coming Redmi to reveal the name of the new flagship of the company. After having anticipated something in a last article, today finally Lu Weibing revealed the official name of the device with Snapdragon 855: it will be called Redmi K20.

Redmi K20 is the new "Killer" flagship from Redmi

Yesterday the CEO the company had already anticipated how the name of one of the most anticipated devices of the year would be revealed today. The full name, launched by the same Lu Weibing, was among four very similar variants to each other but, as we already anticipated, the official name then fell on the letter "K"Which, at this point, will become the new flagship series of Redmi.

Redmi K20

The same CEO in Casa del Redmi wanted to explain why the choice of this name. In a few lines, Lu Weibing, explained how the new device of the company is to be considered a real "Killer”Of flagship. For this reason the decision to give him the name K20 and to start a new one K series of devices that will be, in fact, smartphonesKiller"

After the announcement, however, another question arose among the fans: In the rumors of the past few weeks a famous photo was shot depicting the flagship films with, however, the words "PRO”In addition to the name already confirmed. At this point there may also be a possibility that he sees the Redmi K20 also have a more powerful version, the PRO, and that it is the one to have it SnapDragon 855, as indicated by the protective film.

The protective film that anticipated us, a few weeks ago, the official name of Redmi's flagship

In short, the long-awaited name was finally revealed to us but we are still dry-mouthed with regards to specifications and, above all, design. We remind you that the Redmi K20 it does not yet have a face and, on the net, rumors have been in conflict for weeks now between those who believe that it will have a retractable camera and those who, on the other hand, believe it will have a design that has never been seen before. Only the Redmi will be able to clarify all our doubts and, we hope, do it as soon as possible.


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