Redmi K20: here is what the price according to the analysts could be

Pan Jiutang, one of the most well-known analysts in China, offered his first important considerations on the possible price that could have the Redmi K20 exit. The device is expected for the next one May 28 and, around him, he created an incredible hype.

Redmi K20: A Chinese analyst has predicted a probable price for the device

Now all you do is talk about the next device "Killer"Of Redmi. The company is really putting all of itself into this device and can be seen from the incredible advertising campaign it has undertaken. In fact, every day we were delighted with news on the next device of the K series company. Today the presence of the modality has been announced Game Turbo 2.0.

One of the highlights, but not yet officially covered by the company, is the price. In fact, the device aims to be a smartphone designed to compete with the top of the range. The price, however, according to the philosophy of the company should be not top of the range, but rather by mid-range devices. One of the most important analysts of the company has stirred up the waters China, who predicted a price range in which the device could be placed.

Redmi K20 price

Pan Jiutang, the analyst's name, stated that the Redmi K20 could have a price ranging from 2000 yuan ai 4000 yuan (at the exchange rate, come on 258 € ai 517 €). A statement that therefore extinguishes the hopes of many users to be able to see the Killer of flagships, so called by the company, sold around the 250 € or so. Surely, according to us, the price of the device will not exceed i 400 euro, as the company will keep the price still lower than the flagship of Xiaomi, My 9. In our opinion a fair price for the device could be around 300 €, little more or less. In this way his PRO version, which should mount the Snapdragon 855 and be the true flagship of the company, it may not exceed the 450 €.

Il Redmi K20 is therefore preparing to be one of those devices that will certainly not go unnoticed in this second part of the 2019. We remind you that the presentation is set for Sunday. We hope to be lucky enough to know something about his PRO version.


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