Redmi K20: NFC and first frontal image of the device

There are only three days to go until one of the most anticipated of this month. The May 28In fact, Redmi will officially present us the long awaited Redmi K20. As usual for a week, even today the company talks to us about its new device, telling us about some new technical features. Today, the company has introduced us NFC technology which will be present for the first time on a device Redmi.

Redmi K20: Latest generation NFC technology and first frontal image of the device

According to the company, which announced the new feature on its profile Weibo NFC technology which will be mounted inside the device will be one of the fastest and most innovative. Lu Weibing, in fact, announced how NFC on the new K20 will be the 30% faster than those used in older versions. The chip used by the device will be the NXP series SN100, the same used also from the iPhone XS.

Redmi K20 NFC

Redmi, together with Xiaomi, one of the most active companies in offering smart payments has always been in China. The same I Pay, owned by the company, has long since introduced into China the ability to pay with NFC technology in shops and on means of transport. A confirmation, that of theNFC, which for us Europeans might seem obvious on every device but that is not the case China. In fact in most Asian countries the smart payment system most used is above all the one offered by WeChat, Whatsapp Chinese for instance, which allows you to pay by scanning QR Code and without the use of NFC technology.

NFC announcement but above all first look at the front of the device

The announcement of the presence of theNFC it was just a confirmation of a news that we already knew. The image used for the announcement, however, shows us the new for the first time Redmi K20 in its front part. Indeed the latest official renderings posted by the company they only showed us the fantastic look of the back of the device.

Therefore, the new device has a frontal design that excludes, or almost no, the presence of contours. The display looks really infinite and the technology AMOLED promises us a truly fantastic viewing experience. The chin, that is, the underlying part of the outline, seems almost not to exist. A Redmi K20, which we believe could even beat the body-display relationship record obtained by the My 9 di Xiaomi. The wait is now almost over, a few more days and we will be able to know the first device "Killer”Of the company!


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