Redmi K20: First Benchmark reveals 6 GB of RAM

On the eve of the launch, scheduled in less than 24 hours, the Redmi K20 it reveals itself in all its power with a Benchmark result found on the well-known test site GeekBench. In addition to showing us excellent results, the test also reveals a new feature of the device.

Redmi K20: First result on GeekBench confirm the Snapdragon 730 and reveal 6 GB of RAM

The Benchmark results, nowadays, are an excellent description of the power and performance of a device. These results, which are a combination of computing power and read / write for the memories, are not to be taken as the only yardstick. For this the first result of the Redmi K20 found on the well-known bBmarkmark website, Geekbench, is to be taken with pliers.

Redmi K20 GeekBenchThe device in question is called on the site as "Xiaomi Da Vinci”Which would be the codename of the device Killer di Redmi. The result, as you can see, marks 2574 points in single-core e 7079 in multi-core. An absolutely not evil result, indeed. The Snapdragon 730, at this point officially confirmed on K20, on this device has achieved much better scores than devices with 800 standard Snapdragon.

Another important fact that the image provides us with is the RAM. According to the image, in fact, the Redmi K20 will have a version from 6 GB of RAM memory. We are talking about a version because we imagine more versions with more memory cuts and different prices, as well as the PRO version of which we showed you the first possible prices.

By now there are less than 24 hours at the event of Redmi to be held in Beijing and that will finally reveal all that is left for us to know about the first device of the K series company. We remind you, however, that the real flagship of Redmi, with the processor Snapdragon 855, It will be there PRO version which, perhaps, will not be presented tomorrow but later.


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