Redmi K20 Pro: Certification TEENA reveals a version with 12 GB of RAM

Il Redmi K20 Pro is the real flagship of Redmi presented last Tuesday. The device, which mounts the powerful inside Snapdragon 855, will bring to a medium price range all the features and hardware of a real top of the range. Today, the official certification TEENAhowever, we anticipate a new version that is added to the first two already announced.

Redmi K20 Pro: Certification TEENA unveils a third version from 12 GB of RAM

Even if the official presentation has already arrived for a few days it seems that Redmi has not revealed us everything about the new device. In a TEENA certification, in fact, there would seem to be some news not yet revealed: a third version with more RAM and new colors.


As you can see from the image of the certification, the device should also have a third configuration that is added to the first two already announced by the company. After the version with 6 and 8 GB of RAMin fact, a third version with even would seem to already exist 12 GB of RAM. Not a novelty in the world of smartphones, but also to see it on a device Redmi priced like a medium range is certainly a pleasure.

The news, however, on the new Redmi K20 Pro they don't seem to end here. Indeed the TEENA certification also reveals additional colors: pink, purple, white, green and gray are the new colors that will be added to the already announced colors: black, blue and red.

Technical sheet Redmi K20 Pro

At this point it is legitimate to think of an announcement of a third configuration for the K20 Pro in the next weeks. The company will probably first want to let the first configurations be sold at launch and then announce the third configuration with more RAM. The price of this new configuration, obviously, will be in line with the first two versions. The most expensive configuration announced by Redmi it will cost roughly 390 €. See a third configuration, with 12 GB of RAM, in 430-450 euro it wouldn't be bad at all!


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