Redmi K20 PRO: The first results on AnTuTu are record-breaking!

Redmi is ready to declare war on all the flagships of the most important smartphone companies. With the announcement of the name of the new Redmi with Snapdragon 855, which will be called Redmi K20 (the "K" stands for "Killer“), The company is preparing to give a strong jolt to the market of the top of the range. Another incredible shock came today, with the first Benchmark results performed on AnTuTu device performance.

Redmi K20 PRO: The first results on AnTuTu are record-breaking

Now the wait is all for the first flagship of Redmi. The company, in fact, after being dissolved by Xiaomi now it is about to enter the world of the top of the range. The device, of which we know only the processor and some sporadic information, is considered one of the probable best buy of the next semester. Today we bring you to know the first Benchmark results on the well-known site AnTuTu that today they bounced from one site to another.

Redmi K20 PRO

The result beats every previous record. In fact the first Benchmark test for the Redmi K20, Code-named Raphael, marks the result of almost 460 thousand points. An absolutely incredible result for a phone that, we remind you, will have top-end hardware but will be sold at a very competitive price. Suffice it to say that the flagship of the Xiaomi, My 9, which also has the same processor, in the Benchmark results, has collected "only" 370 thousand points. Instead, other devices from other manufacturers have not far exceeded the threshold of 400 thousand points. A detachment, therefore, really huge and that gives us hope for the device and that would confirm the name of “Killer"

Obviously we remind you that there is still a doubt. In fact we need to understand if the Redmi with Snapdragon 855 both the Redmi K20 or its version PRO, Redmi K20 PRO. For now, imagine one Snapdragon 855 on the standard version and then even a version PRO, and therefore enhanced, it seems really difficult. However, we are getting closer and closer to his presentation, which will finally lift the veil on the device and sweep away all doubts.


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