Redmi K20 Pro: First photo sample reveals a triple rear camera

Finally we begin to have more concrete information regarding the next device of Redmi. The flagship of the company, in fact, has finally been presented, or at least the name, and will be called Redmi K20. Today, however, a first image taken from the web has been posted Redmi K20 Pro, an even enhanced version of the already announced K20.

Redmi K20 Pro: First photo sample reveals a triple rear camera

The image was released Sun Changxu, Partner of Xiaomi, which on its own profile Weibo posted a picture of a little girl handling a device. Obviously, we don't care much about the subject of the photo but the wording in the lower left corner that confirms us as the new flagship of the Redmi will come in two versions, the standard and the Pro.

Redmi K20 PRO

The photo, in addition to presenting an incredible image quality, also reveals another interesting feature: La triple rear camera. In fact, according to the writing on the lower left, in fact, the Redmi K20 Pro a set of three sensors will be mounted for the rear camera. We are not yet able to know which types of sensors will be mounted but we imagine to see a configuration similar, or almost, to that already seen for the Xiaomi My 9.

At this point it is necessary to understand what will be the configuration for the standard version of the device. Let's imagine the version Pro of the new device is the real flagship with Snapdragon 855 and perhaps the standard version is nothing but the already talked about Redmi with Snapdragon 730.

All our doubts regarding the Redmi K20 Pro and its standard version will be disbanded, most likely, already in the coming weeks. It seems, in fact, that the launch of the device, or even just one of the two, is really imminent. So let's get to know the new ones "Killer”Flagship of Redmi!


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