Redmi K20: Teaser unveils the pop-up front camera

Redmi still has not announced a specific day for the presentation of the new, and highly anticipated, Redmi K20. The flagship "Killer“, So called by the company, has already been announced with some images that anticipated the official merchandising of the device and the official mascot. Today, finally, we can bring you an announcement that reveals a first aspect of the design that the device will have.

Redmi K20: An official teaser reveals a frontal pop-up room

To announce the new functionality of the device was, as always, Lu Weibing that with a post and an image wanted to present to the public a new functionality of the device. The company wanted to announce the pop-up room using the beloved mascot of the device, a "little demon", which emerges from the upper part of the device and which, therefore, anticipates the presence of an engine to make the front chamber appear and disappear.

Redmi K20

Redmiobviously he could not develop a normal retractable camera for one of his flagship devices. Lu Weibingin fact, with a post he wanted to reveal some features that make this new mechanism unique. The new pop-up room it will be one of the lightest on the market and the smartphone should weigh less than 200 grams. In the post, in fact, Lu Weibing asks his followers what an acceptable weight could be.

Another plus point will be durability: in fact, according to the company's engineers, the new camera will be able to perform its spill movement for more than 300 thousand times. So a guarantee of the functionality of the mechanism of at least 8 years by taking 100 selfie a day, according to the company.

At this point, the design of the Redmi K20, comes back to mind a statement of the same Lu Weibing in which he stated that the famous flagship company, with the Snapdragon 855, would not have mounted a retractable camera. At this point, or the Redmi K20 will not support it SD 855, but could be the talked about device with Snapdragon 730, or the same CEO the company will have rethought what was said a few months ago.

Surely this continuous leak of news gives us hope. The announcement, in our opinion, is really close. We invite you to keep up-to-date on our website to learn about new and interesting news in this regard!


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