Redmi Note 7: how to follow tomorrow's live 12 March

Redmi, after becoming an independent company, started the year with the production of a device that is making excellent results. Obviously we are talking about the Redmi Note 7 which, as we told you in a recent article, after reaching the Spain is preparing to be launched also in our country. The date to be marked on the calendar is tomorrow 12 March, To 15 about, the time when the company will give away the presentation conference. But where will it be possible to follow it?

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Redmi Note 7 how to follow the live?

The conference called by Redmi a Milan will be open to many journalists and youtuber curious to see and put their hands to the new device that has made sparks in China. The company, in addition to inviting important personalities, also gave the opportunity to 48 Mi Fans (yes 48, like the Megapixel phone sensor, not a chance) to access the event, either at the presentation or "at the Experience zone"Where you can try the new, or the new, devices with your hand. We use the plural because besides the Notes 7 the will probably also be presented Notes redmi 7 Pro.

How to follow the live on Facebook

If you are not lucky enough to participate physically in the Chinese company event, don't worry. In fact Redmi will broadcast the direct of the event on your Facebook profile. The connection from the hall should start from the 14, but the presentation, in theory, is set for the 15. You will be able to access the live broadcast from here, by pressing play directly from below and enjoy, directly, directly from our site.

Very little is missing to learn how to launch and, above all, the price Redmi Note 7 for Italy. The price should be in line with that seen in Spain, but we invite you tomorrow to follow the live broadcast and to follow our blog to stay informed about prices and purchase methods.

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