Redmi Note 7: a new white color is presented

During the mad rush to the Amazon Prime Day, Xiaomi e Redmi they have also decided to cut the prices of some devices. One of these is the Redmi Note 7 which, together with the Mi 9T, has reached its minimum price in these hours. If it were not enough, however, the same one Redmi he also announced one in the last hours new color for the best-selling device in the company's history.

Redmi Note 7: a new white color is presented

In reality the small company owned by Xiaomi had already pre-announced the thing, but only today the coloring was revealed through a first official render of the device.

Redmi Note 7 White color

The color is white but seems to present the typical gradient of the device already seen in the other colors. The following color, for now, has no name yet. Rather, Redmi asked its users to try to guess the possible name. If you are lucky enough to guess it, the company will reward you with the device in question. Obviously this version will be the same as the device we already know, it will vary only in color.

A move not by chance that made by Redmi that, taking advantage of the discount period and proposing a new coloring for the Redmi Notes 7, wants to try to sell the latest stocks of a device that has already exceeded every sales record.


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