Redmi Note 7 updates to MIUI Changelog and Download

A few months ago, in China, was presented on Redmi Note 7 which immediately registered excellent sales everywhere. Today the new MIUI is being released, bringing with it many new features, fixes and security updates for Android Patches in March 2019.

Redmi Note 7 updates: Added new modes for the camera and for gaming

The update in question, to be precise, is the MIUI The release of this update is taking place slowly for all the devices and will bring some improvements as well as some really interesting news.

The first big news concerns the camera, which we remind you offers a powerful sensor from 48 Megapixel. The update will bring a new mode for artificial intelligence and will fix some bugs that have been reported during these months by the owners of the Redmi Note 7. Another new feature is the gaming mode, which introduces a new floating notification for incoming calls during game sessions.

The update is in the rollout phase, therefore for the owners of the Redmi Note 7 it will happen gradually. If you want to speed up, you can download directly from here the update.

Redmi Note Update 7: Complete Changelog

  • System
    • Optimization: Updated Android Security Patch to March 2019. Increased system security.
  • Tel
    • Fix: Status bar shortcut and floating notification for calls appeared at the same time.
    • Fix: Ending calls took longer time than expected.
  • Lockscreen, status bar, Notification shade
    • New: You can restrict opening Notification shade on the Lock screen now.
    • Fix: Low battery warning didn't appear in the landscape mode.
    • Fix: Call time bubble overlapped with notification icons.
  • Home screen
    • Fix: Notification badges were displayed incorrectly on the WhatsApp icon.
  • Clock
    • Fix: Timer button started flashing after being tapped.
    • Fix: Clock force closed on some specific dates.
  • Camera
    • New: New modes for AI camera.
    • Fix: Camera closed when the app was closed and opened again in the Video mode.
    • Fix: When the user canceled making a photo using a shortcut in Messaging and then tapped the Camera shortcut again, camera crashed.
  • recent
    • Optimization: App names were truncated when texts were set to large.
  • Game speed booster
    • New: Floating windows for incoming calls during games.
  • We Cloud
    • Optimization: We redesigned Mi Cloud's start page. It looks much better now!
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