Redmi Note 7S: 48 MP and expected arrival for the 20 Maggio in India

The series Redmi Note it was certainly one of the most successful of the now independent company Redmi. After the incredible success of the Redmi Note 7, and its version PRO, in the homeland and also on our continent, now the company is ready to launch a new version, the Redmi Notes 7S, for the Indian market. The announcement was made today and we also have an official date: the May 20.

Redmi Note 7S: 48 Megapixel camera and launch set for 20 May in India

Il Redmi Note 7 came in India a few months ago. But many will not know that the configuration of the device intended for the Indian market is different from the Chinese configuration, in fact the Redmi Note 7 came out in India with a back camera from 12 Megapixel, and not from 48 MP as in China. Anyway, now, Redmi India it is ready, as one of our representatives told us on Twitter, to release a new version of the Notes 7 with 48 Megapixel.

The tweet, which will surely have made most Indian fans happy, announces the arrival of the new one Redmi Notes 7S. A version that will support the same rear camera as the Chinese version of the Notes 7, so a double sensor from 48 MP + 5 MP. Since the tweet only speaks of a camera from 48 Megapixel we can imagine that the other technical specifications of the version S . Notes 7 are the same as the standard version. So we will find a display from 6.3 inches and Snapdragon 660 with the Adreno GPU 512.

For memory cuts, we are already talking about two versions: The first with 3 GB of RAM memory e 32 GB of internal memory and, the second, with 4 GB of RAM memory and well 64 GB of internal memory. As regards the microSD, except for surprises, both versions should support memory expansion up to 256GB.

Obviously for now there are no traces of a chance to see the Redmi Notes 7S also in our market. It's still early, let's wait before knowing the device officially on May 20 and then if the device will be worth it you will start, surely, also talking about its probable arrival in Europe.


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