Redmi Note 7S: The first official shots are wonderful!

The mid-market segment of smartphones is ready to welcome a new device. In fact, yesterday the company announced the arrival of the new one Redmi Notes 7S for the Indian market the next May 20. The device in India is really much awaited as it aims to offer an extremely improved rear camera. And right from the rear camera i first official shots of the device that already seem to have conquered everyone.

Redmi Note 7S: the first official shots of the device show a wonderful quality

The photos advertised by the company are to be considered official and, the watermark on the bottom left, confirms that they were made through the new Note 7S. The three photos obviously serve to conquer all the probable buyers of the device who can already admire the incredible quality of the three photos advertised.

Needless to describe each of the three photos taken. We can only admire an excellent quality of colors and lights. Perhaps only the photo taken in the evening can give us the clue that maybe, even the version Note 7S, will have the Super Night Scene Mode, the algorithm developed by Xiaomi to have almost perfect photos in the dark. There redmi, for now, it has provided us with details only regarding the main sensor of the rear camera, which will be from 48 Megapixel. The second sensor and the setup for the front camera are still shrouded in mystery. Someone talks about a second sensor from 2 MP and a sensor for the front camera from 13 MP.

The new Redmi Notes 7S it starts to make you want, and not a little. The rear camera was definitely a strong point already announced of the device, it will be necessary to see how it will appear in other aspects. The first entries confirm the fact that the device will have the same configuration as the standard version of the Notes 7. But for confirmations or denials we invite you to come back next May 20, where we can officially know the new device of Redmi!


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