Redmi Note 8: Certification 3C unveils fast charging from 18W?

Redmi it was one of the leading companies of this year. The first year as an independent company from Xiaomi started immediately with a bang with the release of Redmi Note 7. The device, in the following months, then recorded crazy numbers becoming immediately the most sold smartphone by the company. Now, as the months go by and the approach of first quarter of 2020 the company has made it known that it is already working at Redmi Note 8. Today, however, some international newspapers have reported an interesting rumor that would see a first technical feature of the device revealed.

Redmi Note 8: Certification 3C unveils fast charging from 18W?

The new device, expected for the first few months of the new year, according to some newspapers, has already appeared on the website of 3C with a very interesting certification.

Two devices were found on the website of the Chinese certifying body. The first, with model number M1908C3IE which seems to have a refill normal and the second, with model number M1908C3IC which instead should present a form for the fast charging from 18W. These two devices, having a model number very similar to each other, are almost certainly two versions of the same device. And it is here that the possibility of immediately having two versions for the new is born Redmi Notes 8: a standard and a version "Pro”With fast charging.

Another interesting rumor, released these days, concerns the photographic asset. If the Redmi Note 7 was one of the first devices to carry a triple camera from 48 Megapixel in the low-cost market, then the Notes 8 it could even lead to a photographic asset with a sensor 64 Megapixel. On the internet, moreover, it is also possible to find a first render of the back of the device that even shows a quadruple rear camera.

Redmi note 8 certification 3c 4 cameras reload 18w

Obviously there is still a lot missing on the official release of the Redmi Note 8, scheduled for the months of January February. However, given the excellent success of its predecessor, Redmi will certainly want to do a great job to match, or even exceed, the success with the Notes 7.  Finally, according to an old rumor, Redmi Note 8 could abandon Snapdragon to mount a Mediatek processor.


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