Redmi Note 8: 29 launch August with 64MP camera and Mediatek G90T

In the past few days we have talked about how Redmi was ready to launch into the smart TV market with the first one Redmi TV that will be presented on 29 August. The presentation conference, however, will not be focused solely and exclusively on Smart TV. In fact, today, the company has branched out, through its own profiles Weibo officers, an almost unexpected announcement. Together with Redmi TV, during the conference of 29 August, will also be presented Redmi Note 8 and Note 8 Pro.

Redmi Note 8: Triple camera from 64 MP and launch 29 August

The new Redmi Note they had already been found some days ago in some certifications. The incredible earliness of the rumors had given us hope in seeing the device a few months before its natural launch period set for the beginning of the new year. Today, with an official poster posted on Weibo, the company announced that during the conference of 29 August will also be present Notes 8 and his own Pro version.

Redmi Note 8 with 64 MP

The poster reveals, in addition to the official presentation date, also a further detail that had been chatted a lot in the last few days: the camera from 64 Megapixel. It is official, in fact, that the new one Redmi Note 8 will present a trim from three cameras with the main sensor that will be from 64 Megapixel. In the photo of the poster, moreover, a fingerprint sensor is shown almost immediately below the three sensors.

We therefore confirm that the first device of the Redmi to support this new and powerful photo sensor will be the Notes 8 that, at this point, we think it was anticipated just to allow this sensor to challenge the competition on the market that will be created in this period. Another confirmation is the Mediatek G90T processor on both Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 8 Pro. We talked about it here.

At this point, our official countdown for the conference takes place 29 August. The absolutely unexpected announcement of the presence of the new ones Redmi Note it has surely raised the hype to all the fans. Will Redmi to present a product up to the name and to respect the excellent success with the Redmi Note 7?


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