Redmi Note 8: Lu Weibing reveals more details

Il Redmi Note 7 was the first smartphone produced by Redmi as an independent company and has enjoyed incredible success. Now, following in the footsteps of his predecessor, the Redmi Note 8 prepares its long waiting process that has started in these days with the first rumors. To encourage the hype for the device the president of the company has also entered Lu Weibing, which on its Chinese social profile wanted to anticipate something.

Redmi Note 8: Lu Weibing reveals more details

In recent days we have reported some interesting rumors that they saw the Notes 8 as a device that is already nice and finished as already present his 3C certification. Today, to give us a confirmation, or almost, of what was said in recent days was a post on Weibo Of the president Lu Weibing.

Redmi Note 8 Weibo first post

The post in question, which you can see in the image above, has as its theme the new device of Redmi. In fact, Lu Weibing, wanted to inform its users that they are using a new smartphone which, he promises, will have an even more powerful camera than the one seen in previous devices. Moreover, the new device will have an even higher screen-to-body ratio than smartphones seen this year. So far nothing strange, it could be an announcement of a new unexpected device, if it were not for the wording of Weibo which informs us that the name of the device used to publish the post is a certain “Note8Android". A clear reference, probably, to Redmi Note 8 of which, at this point, we believe strongly already exists a first prototype in trial in the hands of Lu Weibing.

At this point, since the company has already produced a first prototype, we can think of the release of the next one Notes 8 may be anticipated by the end of this year. It could even be the much-announced first smartphone of Redmi with camera from 64 Megapixel. Who knows, sure that an early exit of a few months wouldn't be bad at all!


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