Redmi Pro 2 shows the pop-up camera in a real photo leaked

The company Redmi in the last few days it was at the center of rumors that they wanted it ready to release its first flagship. The smartphone looks like it will come with the name of Redmi Pro 2 and, recently, news about the design and rendering of the device have already been leaked. Today, instead, we have the confirmation of the presence of the pop-up front room thanks to an interesting Chinese social post Weibo.

Redmi Pro 2 confirmed the presence of the pop-up room

The photo has been posted to Weibo from the profile @ Alvin0-0 which made no reference to the new one Pro 2 but it has only revealed that the photo refers to a new flagship of Xiaomi which will mount the processor Snapdragon 855.

Redmi pro 2 photo leaked camera disappeared

The photo, therefore, portrays a device of red coloration and its rear part. Obviously in the foreground stands the presence of the retractable camera and the triple rear camera that go to match the description of the new Redmi Pro 2. There are no photos that portray the front of the device, but we can imagine having a display without the presence of notches or holes to host the selfie camera. In reality there is no confirmation that the phone in the picture is just the long-awaited house flaghsip Redmi, but if we think the Pro redmi it was the first device Xiaomi to have a dual camera, then it is reasonable to think that the second version, that is Redmi Pro 2, has triple camera and a retractable camera.

In short, the latest rumors about the new Redmi Pro 2 they stirred, and not a little, the waters and something slowly begins to come out. The device is expected for the second part of this year, so in reality it may still be too early to expect official announcements.


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