Redmi Pro 2: New photo and upcoming launch?

Let's return to talk about the Redmi Pro 2. The device with pop-up camera, which we remind you does not yet officially have this name, has just been sighted in the hands of Lu Weibing, the CEO of Redmi. The photo, which is running at this time, makes us understand how the company is already testing the device and how it can be launched in the coming months.

Redmi Pro 2: New photo in the hands of Lu Weibing and Snapdragon 730 or 855?

The offending photo depicts the CEO the company that goes to the coffers of a cinema with a device not yet known in one hand. From the image that you can also analyze you can see how the aforementioned device presents a jewelry display, without notch or any hole to accommodate sensors or front cameras. This is why most users have begun to assume that the phone in the hand of Lu Weibing both the long awaited device of the Redmi with retractable camera, which some may call itself Redmi Pro 2.

The big enigma that still surrounds this type of device is whether it is the smartphone designed to support the powerful Snapdragon 855. It has already been known for almost a month that the company intends to produce its own flagship for the global market with its own very powerful processor. Qualcomm. However, as we have already told you several times, the same Redmi and the same CEO of the company have already stated that the company's next flagship it will not have any retractable camera and, above all, it will be released towards the end of this year. For this it is to be thought that the new Redmi Pro 2, or whatever the name of this device will be, will mount inside it Snapdragon 730, not a flagship processor but a processor for medium-high end devices.

The photo in question, in the end, tells us nothing more than what we already know about the Redmi Pro 2. Maybe the photo, which proves how the device has already been produced and is being tested, may suggest an imminent launch. Already by May? In that case, prepare yourself, because the next few weeks will be full of news about it.


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