Redmi Pro 2: New teaser and likely imminent launch [VIDEO]

Redmi, today, has released an interesting teaser. The protagonist of this trailer is a new device that comes with a pop-up camera (retractable camera) that could be, at this point, the Redmi Pro 2. We remind you, however, that the device in question does not yet have an official name (in the video, indeed, it is called Redmi X).

Redmi Pro 2, new teaser announces the device. Probable imminent launch

Already in the past articles, when we talked about this new device, we had announced how its launch was imminent. Today, finally, Redmi has released a video that seems to pre-announce the release. The video in question appeared in recent hours on the Chinese social media Weibo:

In addition to the device, the video also includes the collaboration between the Chinese company and the film Avengers: Endgame. In fact through some initial frames, in which the protagonists of the film are portrayed, the company announced its new collaboration that will also affect the Redmi Pro 2. Probably the company could release a special version for the film, besides of course the standard version. The video shows the new device with the pop-up camera and its infinite display. There are no references to features.

Probable technical characteristics: Will it be the Snapdragon 730 or the Snapdragon 855?

At this point, with the official arrival of the device, we will also dissolve the doubt about the processor that, in recent weeks, has accompanied the latest rumors about the smartphone. It will be the long-awaited flagship of Redmi, with Snapdragon 855? Or the top of the range, of which some features have already been found, with Snapdragon 730?

We continue to think that the new Redmi Pro 2 will mount inside it Snapdragon 730. We remind you, in fact, that the same company a few weeks ago denied rumors of a retractable camera flagship. Also the new flagship of Redmi is expected by the end of this summer and this teaser makes us imagine an output of this device in the coming weeks, still too early in the programs made by the company.

Obviously only with the announcement of the Redmi Pro 2 we can have certainties or less of what was said. The video released by Redmi, however, we are beginning to get a preview of a device that, in the coming days, we will have the opportunity to know even better.


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