Redmi Pro 2 may be slow to arrive but will have audio jacks from 3.5mm [PHOTO]

Let's go back to talking about Redmi Pro 2, one of the most discussed devices in the last days. After the denial di Lu Weibing of the retractable camera now, the same director of Redmi, has hypothesized a probable date of release of the first device with, we assume, higher screen-display ratio never produced by the company.

Redmi Pro 2: It will not come out soon, it will probably arrive with the arrival of Summer

On yesterday's day, 15 April, the director of Redmi, Lu Weibing, on your profile Weibo with a statement he gave us interesting details regarding the probable release date of the new device Redmi with retractable camera:

"I don't believe you don't believe it. It's not so fast, it's not so slow. My information prevails ”

A statement almost to be deciphered. In reality, according to many, the "information" of which the director of Redmi talk is the probable release date of Redmi Pro 2. "Not immediately, but not too long"The statement can be summarized in this way. Therefore a probable announcement of the device to be excluded in the month of April May, more likely, perhaps, to see it for June with the arrival of summer.

A new photo leaked shows the audio jack from 3.5mm and the retractable camera

A new image seems to have been found of the device. Here we find the smartphone, used by the president of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, framed by a new perspective. From this new perspective is shown, in favor of camera, the notorious retractable camera and, next to it, a hole that can be traced back to the audio jack from 3.5mm. In short, a small confirmation, even if taken for granted, on a device of which we still know very little.

This Redmi Pro 2therefore, it will make us wait a little longer. If the declarations of Lu Weibing they refer to the phone in question, then, it means that it will take a while to start discovering something more about one of the most talked about devices of the last period.


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