Redmi Pro 2 with Snapdragon 855 and a pop-up camera [PHOTO]

Redmi at the beginning of this year it became an independent and completely independent company, moving away from Xiaomi, a move that allowed the small Chinese company to move more independently in the smartphone market. In fact, after creating devices for the low end and medium-low end, now Redmi is ready to present a new device, the Redmi Pro 2, designed for an even higher price range.

Redmi Pro 2 is Redmi's top of the range with Snapdragon 855

A few days ago, if you remember well, we told you about the news that the Chinese company saw intent on working on a new device ready to assemble the very powerful Snapdragon 855, one of the top range processors of this year. The news was then also accompanied by a first photo leak, which saw the new device have an all-display screen without notch.

A top-of-the-line processor and a display without notch but with a pop-up camera

Redmi Pro 2

After that news, today, on Chinese social Weibo has begun to turn an image that sees depicted a device, called Redmi Pro 2, which presents all the features of the previously mentioned mysterious device. The image, in fact, shows us this device with a front design completely without notch and without holes to accommodate camera selfie or other sensors, but there is a pop-up room (popup camera, so to speak). In short, a device that incorporates, in part, the device technology already seen as the Vivo v15 Pro e Oppo F11 Pro.

For the rest, again from the image, we can see the presence of a triple rear camera, a set never seen before on a device Redmi. Moreover, on the new device there should also be a fingerprint sensor under the display, a must now for all the top of the range. The presence of the Snapdragon 855.redma pro 2

In short it seems that we finally have a name, Redmi Pro 2, and a face for the first flagship of Redmi. The device, however, is not expected to be released in the near future, it is thought that the device will be launched in the second half of the year. However let's expect more news about a device that will be one of the most awaited smartphones by the end of this year.


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