Redmi TV: Launch set for the 29 August. Here are the first photos

From the beginning of the 2019 Redmi has become an independent company Xiaomi, a choice that allowed the small Chinese company to have greater freedom of movement in the technological market. The debut, obviously, took place in the smartphone market but soon the company expanded its borders by presenting the first weblog laptop Redmi. Now, finally, the company is ready to launch itself into the market of Smart TV with the very first Redmi TV coming to the 29 August.

Redmi TV: Launch set for the 29 August. Here are the first photos

In recent weeks some interesting certifications had been found that reported a probable exit of a Smart TV home Redmi. The news soon became viral, even reaching the top exponents of the company who, at the time, confirmed the company's desire to launch into this new, prolific market for Smart TV. Now with a poster on Weibo, the company has officially announced that the presentation of the first Redmi TV the next one will happen 29 August.

Redmi TV 70 inches annuncement

The poster, in addition to revealing the release date, also reveals the first prototype of Smart TV which will be presented. Let's talk about the smart TV of Redmi da 70 inches that, at the time, we had already anticipated you in an 3C certification. Furthermore, some early rumors have begun to risk a sale price that should be around 650 €. Obviously it seems almost taken for granted support for 4K. For more features we await the presentation event or, perhaps, some anticipation in the previous days.

Redmi TV: First official render reveals the design

Redmi TV render

With the poster, the company has launched in the last hours, again using its own profiles Weibo, also a first render of what the new one will look like Redmi TV. At first glance, the Smart TV does not seem to have any novelty in terms of design. It presents, in fact, the usual very thin edges and a body almost entirely dedicated to the display. Nothing has been communicated regarding the thickness but, even there, we believe that the TV will align with the products already seen in Xiaomi.

A small novelty, however, seems to concern the lower part of the Smart TV. In fact, being very careful, you notice a small rectangle that comes out from the edge. According to many, this little rectangle could have a video camera inside it. The same president of the company, Lu Weibing, has already anticipated that the new ones Redmi TV they will not be just simple Smart TV, but they will have something that will revolutionize the market. That something could be just this small addition to the video camera that could give the TV a really broad portfolio of novelties.

Redmi TV box

At this point these new televisions of the Redmi, in addition to aiming to be an excellent solution in economic terms, they also seem to be aiming to bring a small revolution to the market. And what do you think?

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