Redmi TV will be a reality: It receives the 3C certification

We've talked to you over the past few days of the remote possibility that Redmi could enter the market of Smart TV. In fact, after the briefing launched by the company president, many rumors followed of the launch of a possible one Redmi TV. Voices that, today, they are confirmed by a first official certification which confirms the arrival of the new one Smart TV targata Redmi.

Redmi TV will be a reality: It receives the 3C certification

In the Chinese territory Xiaomi, parent company of the Redmi, has recently become one of the leaders in the television industry. A result that gives the Chinese company excellent recognition in terms of the quality of its productions. After the proclamation of this enormous result Redmi, through its president, launched the indiscretion of a possible interest in the thriving television market. An interest that today becomes official with the first certification found on the net due to the first one Smart TV di Redmi.

Redmi TV 3C certification

The certification we are talking about is from the Chinese organization 3C and, reading it, speaks explicitly of one Redmi TV with model number L70M5-RA. The model number tells us that, perhaps, the first TV of the company could even be a television by Ben 70 inches with 4K UHD resolution. Obviously with regard to the resolution we have no confirmation, as regards the size, instead, the model number, which shows a 70, could be a great clue.

Together with this huge TV, however, some rumors already speak of a further model, the L40M5-FA, which could be a "cheap" alternative from 40 inches. Here too, however, we have no confirmation of this, not even a certification that allows us to give you the news of a second model as safe.

At this point the company seems really ready to launch into the TV market. A launch date for the Redmi TV has not yet been announced but, almost certainly, the launch of new TVs will arrive later this year. In addition to the actual quality of the TV, it will be interesting to find out the price of these Smart TV which, according to the philosophy of the company, should arrive at a bargain price.


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