Redmi X with fingerprint scanner in the display?

The company news never seems to end Xiaomi, and specifically its small sub-company Redmi. In fact, we didn't even have time to appreciate the new Redmi Note 7, which is coming soon in the global market, or del first prototype of a folding smartphone, which the company of Lei Jun it seems to be ready to reveal important and substantial news. Redmi X, this is the new name that has been running on the net in the last few hours.

Obviously, like any rumors, you have to take everything with pliers. But today, on the Chinese site Weibo, a company poster with the name started circulating Redmi X on display and a date below, the February 15, nothing more, nothing less. But even this small poster has started to launch an incredible series of rumors that the company would like to have Redmi ready to present a new smarpthone prototype precisely on the aforementioned date, which by the way is also the last day of the Chinese New Year. Someone talks about a new type of cell phone with a fingerprint scanner installed directly on the screen, certainly not a bad innovation. But in addition to this new, extremely technological feature, we also start talking about the possibility that this is new Redmi can mount one Snapdragon 710.

As always, in these cases, we just have to wait and maybe see how the situation develops. The Redmi X, as mentioned by the poster, it may not even be the name of the new smartphone and, perhaps, be just a teaser of some presentation or some important event that the Redmi is planning. And you, what do you think?


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