Redmi Y3 with selfie camera from 32 MP shows itself in some selfies [PHOTO]

In today's technological world information travels very fast and, if only yesterday we told you about the probable first rumors they saw Redmi Y3 to be designated how the device to receive the sensor from 32 megapixel for the front camera, today comes the confirmation. We say that the announcement is not entirely official, but for the most attentive a post on twitter it did not go unnoticed.

The new Redmi Y3 will support the front camera from 32 megapixel: Here are the first selfies!

The announcement, implied, was made by the chief editor of Xiaomi India, Manu Kumar, that with a small video, in which all the collages are collected, wanted to announce a new device Redmi.

As you can see in the description of the photos there is no direct reference to the Redmi Y3, but it is clear how the description of the text was made "hoc" to highlight words like "Y" and "32"Which, therefore, announce the imminent arrival, in the Indian market, of the third version of the Y series di Redmi. In addition to the announcement of the new device, the post is also useful to immediately appreciate the excellent quality of the shots taken by the selfie camera from 32 megapixel.

Obviously we expect further news in the near future regarding the Redmi Y3 which, therefore, we think can come as an alternative to Redmi 7 Pro which, at this point, may not be marketed in the Indian market. However we invite you to stay connected to stay updated on the issue!

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