Redmi Y3: here are some features and a probable design [PHOTO]

The series Redmi Y since its origins it has been a series of smartphones that has always been very "eccentric" and which has enjoyed considerable success in the Indian market. Precisely for this reason the company has not had to think about it too much to decide whether to give a continuum to the series. In fact, as already mentioned in a last article, the Redmi Y3 will be presented to the next 24 April with an event in India. Now as the event approaches, you are already starting to look for some features. Just in the last few hours an interesting prototype of the smartphone design seems to have come out.

Redmi Y3: Design with drip notch and less and less edges

For now, the only certain and already announced thing we know about the third version of the phone Y series and the front camera from 32 MP, hosted in notch to drop, that is, in the shape of a "U". According to the first rumors it would seem that the company could reuse the same design, or almost, of the redmi 7 for this new device coming to India. From the first design prototype, designed by the colleagues of PriceKart, in fact we can notice a certain similarity.

Not very different from the redmi 7, Redmi Y3, seems to have the same dimensions but with a much more "bezel-less"(The presence of smaller edges). The notch, in fact, would seem the same as seen in the redmi 7 and maybe even the same glass will be present for both the front and the back. Possible that the device is also released with the same colors.

As for the front camera, moreover, we are already talking about the presence of a sensor ISOCELL Bright GD1 from 32 MP to get sharp photos even in low light situations. It seems obvious to us that the company wants to offer the best performing front camera as it will be the main attraction of this device. For the rear camera, the smartphone could offer a dual-camera like the redmi 7.

Finally, the presence of a LCD display and at least one battery 4000 mAh. For the price you are already starting to talk about dollars 215. In short, the Redmi Y3 it is already starting to take shape. The 24 April we will know all the technical features and official prices, so we invite you to come back here, if interested, to know them in preview!


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