Redmi Y3 on GeekBench: Snapdragon 632, 3GB of RAM and drop test [VIDEO]

Here we go tomorrow India finally the long awaited will be presented Redmi Y3. Of the telephone, for now, we know very few features, some of them they were revealed a few days ago. Today, on the eve of the launch, thanks to a benchmark test found on GeekBench we can learn about processor and RAM.

Redmi Y3 unearthed on GeekBench: Snapdragon 632 processor and 3GB of RAM

The smartphone was found this morning on the well-known benchmark site under the name of "Xiaomi Redmi Y3". It will have the operating system Android 9 Pie, 3 GB of RAM and, according to the photo you can also analyze, the processor will be the "msm8953", Also known as lo Snapdragon 625.

In the aspect of the processor it is to be clarified that the next device of Redmi will not support it SD 625, which by the way is the same processor mounted on the previous version. The error is of the site GeekBench, which mistakenly confuses him Snapdragon 625 with the 632. An error that has already been made by the same site with other devices. So rest assured, the Y3 will be launched with lo Snapdragon 632 as well as the redmi 7.

Not only Ram and Processor: Redmi India mail a first drop test of the phone

An interesting video posted by Redmi India a few days ago. As well as the Redmi Note 7, in fact, also the third device of the Y series was subjected to a painful drop test. The video, which lasts just under a minute, sees the new device as the protagonist of a drop test, which consists of a flight of stairs faced by the device enclosed in a metal bucket. After a whole flight of stairs, made of jolts and continuous impacts on every step, the telephone came out completely unscathed.

In addition to trying the incredible durability, the video also shows us a first coloration of the device that presents a back cover tending to blue that, reflecting some lights, shows a beautiful rainbow of colors.

In short, we are finally here, tomorrow we will know everything that is still to be discovered on Redmi Y3. A phone that offers an incredible front camera from 32 Megapixel. If you are interested we invite you to come back here tomorrow to know the price of this device which, we hope, should also arrive in our market under the name of Redmi S3.

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