Redmi Y3, a teaser confirms the 4.000 mAh battery and gradient colors

The family of the Redmi Y is ready to welcome others 24 April a new member. Indeed, as already there we had announced in a previous article, the company will present the new one next week Redmi Y3. So far the only official feature of the device was support for a sensor for the front camera well 32 Megapixel. Today, thanks to the twitter page of Redmi India, we know new official features of the device.

Redmi Y3: New teaser reveals a colorful "gradient" design and a battery of well 4000 mAh.

To reveal the new features were two teasers posted by Redmi India on your official twitter profile. The device, in fact, is only expected in the Indian market where the next one will make its debut 24 April. Needless to say that the device is also expected in other countries where we think it can arrive as a new device under the name of Redmi S3, or at least usually so the company has moved.

The first teaser posted by the company is a small 40 second video promo in which the device's first official hardware feature is launched: Battery from 4000 mAh. In the video we are shown how, according to them, the device is designed to last much more than an entire, tiring day. We have already been able to appreciate a battery of the same capacity on the redmi 7 e Redmi Note 7. Obviously being a promo launched by the same company, it is necessary to understand if the product is really ready to withstand more than one stressful day of autonomy. But we can only discover this after the official launch of the Redmi Y3.

The second tweet of Redmi India, instead, it is dedicated to show us the appearance of the new device. In fact in the picture the back cover of the smartphone is shown in a small part. Obviously the eye immediately catches the eye: a blue gradient which starts from the main color and then "fades" into other colors. Certainly, in addition to blue, the company will have thought of other colors to satisfy everyone. A type of design that we think was chosen precisely to reach the youth target to which the device is addressed.

In short, the new one Redmi Y3 it takes more and more shape. Probably, before the official launch scheduled for the 24 April, we will have the opportunity to learn more details regarding the smartphone. We always invite you to stay connected to discover further news with us!


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