RedmiBook 14, Redmi's first laptop receives a certification

Let's get back to talking to you about Redmi, after the long-awaited announcement of the name of the first flagship of the company, in fact, there are further innovations. This time the news comes from a field still unexplored by the company. We are talking about the first laptop of Redmi which seems to be able to become reality because, recently, one was found Bluetooth certification of a laptop with the name RedmiBook 14.

RedmiBook 14, Redmi's first laptop receives Bluetooth certification

Only a few days ago we told you about the possibility that, together with a probable official announcement of the Redmi K20 (the company's new flagship smartphone), another device could be presented. Some rumors began to rumble about the possibility that the company of Lu Weibing could enter the world of laptops. Today, this possibility seems even more confirmed by one Bluetooth certification found on the site Launch Studio.

RedmiBook 14

The certification, as you can see, was released by Xiaomi but it carries a name that seems to make us think that it is not a product of the company of Lei Jun. In fact RedmiBook is the name given to the device (temporary, it could also change) and that makes us think that it could be just the first laptop of the Redmi. Going to analyze even more deeply the image immediately catches the eye as the device has various model numbers. A clue that bodes well for us. in fact all these different models could also mean a European version already programmed and ready for launch as well as its Chinese version.

For the rest we don't know anything else about this elusive one RedmiBook 14. Surely the name makes us allude to a laptop from 14 inches but, we remind you, that we are still talking about production names and that, therefore, they could change. Surely a Redmi product in the field of laptops could really be an interesting product, so we invite you to keep yourself updated on our website.


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