RedmiBook 14 first features: it will have a dedicated graphics card

Let's return to talking about the new RedmiBook 14. After the first certification received yesterday, which also announced the arrival of the product, today seem to get information on the likely configurations and specifications of the laptop.

RedmiBook 14: First specifications and dedicated graphics card

From the name of the product, which we could find from the Bluetooth certification received yesterday, it seems as clear as the laptop of Redmi will have a display from 14 inches. At this point the company could easily have given the Notebook a decent hardware and place the product at the low end of the market (the band in which the Redmi places its products) and, instead, it seems that the Chinese company wants to do things in a big way.

RedmiBook 14

It seems, in fact, that from the first technical specifications unearthed, the RedmiBook 14 will come to market with one dedicated graphics card. In reality, there should be a version with a normal integrated card and another version, more expensive of course, with the dedicated video card NVIDIA GeForce MX250. In addition to this important aspect, which would allow the device to have a graphic power not to be underestimated, it would seem that Redmi be ready to present 3 (or more) configurations with CPU Intel i3, i5 e i7.

Finally, to complete the configurations, there will be various versions with various memory cuts. For the RAM we talk about cuts from 4GB o 8GB. As regards the internal memory, instead, we talk about a version from 256 GB and another from 512 GB. The latest rumors also speak of a single color variant: Silver.

For the price, however, nothing is known yet. Definitely the RedmiBook 14, being a product Redmi, will be sold at a lower price than I have a notebook di Xiaomi. A basic version, with the minimum of configurations and integrated graphics card, could reach really low prices and make the product a real best buy.


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