Official 14 RedmiBook: Intel Core i7 by 8th Gen and GeForce MX250

After the confirmation of yesterday, today Redmi presented his first official laptop. The company has also decided to give us a first device for the world of laptops, called Redmibook 14, which was presented in the same event in which new ones have been announced Redmi K20 e K20 PRO.

RedmiBook 14: Intel i7 of the eighth generation, dedicated graphics card and 10 hours of battery

Yesterday the company had made official the presentation of its first laptop to coincide with the presentation of its first flagship. The laptop was presented at the end of the conference but has absolutely no secondary role, indeed.

The body of the new RedmiBook 14 proposes to be the right meeting point between portability and usability. The edges, as now from current trends, are really very thin and the body-display ratio should even be of the81.2%. The display, as clearly visible from the name, will be of 14 inches with resolution FHD. The screen will allow excellent performance even during the day and in any light situation. The weight will be of about 1.5 kg, great for use as a working laptop and for students on the go.

Redmibook 14

The super thin design and low weight, however, do not renounce complete connectivity: They are present, in fact 2 3.0 USB ports, a HDMI, a USB 2.0 it's a audio jack from 3.5 mm. In short, a nice touch to the rival Apple, in terms of doors in relation to weight and design.

8th generation Intel processor and other specifications

We go inside the computer because the hardware is really impressive. Let's start with the processor which, in the "premium" version, will be a processor 8th generation Intel i7. In the cheaper versions, however, we find a very good one i5, always the latest generation. For the memory there will be a SSD memory da 256 GB or from 512 GB. La RAM it will be from 8 GB for all configurations. The highlight, however, is the dedicated graphics card that should be present on all configurations and will be the NVIDIA GeForce MX250.

The battery, according to the company, can donate to the device autonomy of well 10 hours of normal use. We will have to see, in some official tests, how much the battery will actually hold in a stress use during a gaming or rendering session.

Prices and availability

Redmibook 14

Il RedmiBook 14, therefore, it is proposed as a laptop capable of fulfilling anyone's requests. The power of the processor, combined with the graphic power of the GeForce MX250 they will allow us to use our device in any field and, thanks to its lightness, everywhere.

The price, as always, remains the strong point of the products Redmi. After placing its flagship to almost half of the competitors now the new laptop will be sold at least 200-300 euro less of competition. The price of the three configurations, in fact, are the following:

  • RedmiBook 14 with i5 + 256 GB SSD at the price of 515 euro approximately
  • RedmiBook 14 with i5 + 512 GB SSD at the price of 555 euro approximately
  • RedmiBook 14 with i7 + 512 GB SSD at the price of 645 euro approximately

The laptop will be available in China starting from11 June but there should be some first flash sales from the first of the same month. For now we only talk about a launch in the mother country, who knows if we will be lucky enough to be able to see it here too.


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