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I often read about people looking for applications to record the screen of their device, although this is a feasible operation through ADB. Certainly through an application with a well maintained user interface the operation is much simpler, so today I want to talk about a free application that does its job well, one of the best of its kind when compared to the Play Store applications that even if paid often do not give the best of themselves, but - like almost all apps to capture video from the display - requires ROOT.

Today's application is Shou (pronounced like Show), an app being tested but that already gives excellent results. I personally tested it on my Xiaomi and it works great in the partition with KitKat, while it doesn't work properly on MIUI since it is not possible to give it root permissions (if someone had the chance to do a test on MIUI, kindly let me know if it comes encountered the same problem)
The application was created by Cedric Fung.


As already mentioned, Shou is being tested and to install the application so you have to become a beta tester. To do this go to the Official site, click the download icon and enter the community of google + to be able to access the download from the Play Store. At this point the download will start as it happens with all the apps and Shou will be installed on your terminal. Give root permissions and start the daemon to activate Shou in the notification bar where you can register your display.


First of all we specify that the application works with versions of Android 4.1 or higher.

In addition to recording the screen, Shou can also capture external audio through the microphone in mono or stereo to 44 KHz or 48 Khz with a bitrate ranging from 24 Kbps to 192 Kbps.
The video formats are MPEG2 / TS, MKV, MP4, MOV and FLV and the available resolutions range from 240p up to 1080p with a maximum of 30 frames per second and a bitrate of 16 Mbps (minimum 256). Registration limits are more extensive than the competition: 4 GB in size or about 2 hours of video.

In addition to video recording, with Shou we can also capture Screenshots or even better view real-time screens on other devices (mirrors) via Airplay as you can see in the video below!

Enable AirPlay on Windows

AirPlay is a function of Apple TVs and to be able to display in real time (or almost) the display of Android on a PC with Windows it takes two simple installations to enable this service also on the PC.

The first thing to install is i Bonjour printing services that you can download from here. Once these services are installed, you can proceed with the installation of AirServer, Found here. The latter is a trial version that lasts seven days. Surely there will be other similar applications but I took the first one found just to do some tests. At the end of the installation, you must ensure that your antivirus's firewall does not block the use of AirServer.

After that, leave the settings unchanged and start Shou from your Android terminal. Now select AirPlay and you will see your PC, obviously the Android and PC terminal must be under the same WiFi connection. Click on the name of your PC and in less than no time a window will open where you will see the display of your terminal!
Obviously there could be some delay of a few hundred ms. Try setting the settings differently (bitrate especially) until you get a better result.

Official XDA thread
Shou official website
Bonjour press services

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