Release Party: Ubuntu live-streaming is about to start!

23.14 HOURS: The live ends and good night!

22.01 UPDATE: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Officially released for download (Confirmed at 22.19)


21.50 UPDATE: Ubuntu Derivatives are illustrated (Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME, etc ...)

21.43 UPDATE: Meizu will be one of the leading Ubuntu Phone manufacturers

21.41 UPDATE: Ubuntu for phones is shown, with Unity 8 (unlike Unity 7 for PC)

21.35 UPDATE: Ubuntu One has been abandoned

21.30 UPDATE: Live Started, with the latest Ubuntu 14.04

If you wait too Ubuntu LTS 14.04, like us at InTheBit, you can't miss the Ubuntu-it live streaming, which will cover all the Trusty Tahr news.

Interact in the IRC Ubuntu official while the live is broadcast: RELEASE PARTY UBUNTU-IT IRC (removed)
The link to it streaming which will start between about 5 minutes: RELEASE PARTY UBUNTU-IT HANGOUT LIVE STREAMING. Alternatively you can look directly through the video below. 🙂

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