Review Ulefone U008 Pro, 5 smartphone ″ less than 80 Euro

Ulefone U008 Pro is an inexpensive smartphone from 5 ″ that is found online at a price of around dollars 80, or less than 80 Euro. Obviously at this price it cannot be a device for the most demanding but in this week of testing it has behaved quite well.

Ulefone U008 Pro review


The box offers just what you need. The smartphone with a plastic film already applied and the 1 Ampere charger.

ulefone u008 pro box review

Dimensions and weight | 5

Although Ulefone U008 Pro is an 5 ″ device, it has more than generous dimensions, perhaps a bit exaggerated. The sides measure loaf pan of 11 x 26 cm (9x5inches) , the thickness 0.95 cm and the weight 175 grams. In the hand it seems to have a phablet from 5.5 ″. However the grip is quite good although the back is a bit slippery because it is made of metal.

The left edge of the phone is clean, on the right side we find the volume keys and the on / off button, which has a rougher surface. On the upper edge we have only the 3.5 mm jack, at the bottom, finally, we find the 2.0 micro USB port and the microphone. On the back, top left, is the 8 MP camera (interpolated to 13 MP) and to its right the LED flash. The camera protrudes a few millimeters. Finally, in the lower center, there is the speaker cabinet.

The back is in metal, exclusion made for the two plastic bands to facilitate reception. In front we have a 8 MP camera, brightness and proximity sensors and hardware keys: back on the right, menu on the left and home in the middle. The first two are soft touch keys not backlit but with a slight vibration that returns a good feed; the home button, on the other hand, is a physical key that resembles an impression sensor but which is unfortunately not present.

Features | 6

Ulefone U008 Pro mounts a SoC Mediatek 6737 with Quad Core 64-bit processor @1.3GHz, Mali-T720MP2 GPU and 2 GB of RAM. The memory is from 16 GB and at the first start we have about 15 GB available. There is a micro SD slot up to 128 GB and the good news is that it can be used simultaneously with 2 SIM. The two SIM cards are both in micro format and there is also the 4G LTE module with 20 band support.

Very good reception, good also WiFi and GPS, always fast and accurate in my tests. A little lazy, on the other hand, is Bluetooth, which is sometimes slow to connect with a device; from the settings it is noted that it tries to pair with a previously used device that is not located nearby. The problem however resolves itself in approximately 30 seconds.

On board we find Android 6 Marshmallow stock no customizations or superfluous apps, with the exception of the standard Mediatek settings like the gestures by sensor, programming on and off and gestures on screen off. The is therefore supported double tap to turn on the display and you can draw some letters to start applications from the display off. An interesting feature is the float gesture, which creates a visible floating key on each screen that gives access to various quick functions. For example, you can lock the screen, disable gaming hardware keys and view videos or music in floating windows.

u008 pro ulefone features

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Another thing that I liked is the presence of parallel Space as a setting. Parallel Space, for those who do not know it, is an application also available on the Play Store that allows you to virtualize apps and use with multiple accounts. For example 2 account Telegram, WhatsApp or Facebook on the same phone.

u008 pro ulefone features

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Display | 7

The display is really good, with excellent viewing angles and well-calibrated colors. Whites are good, blacks obviously not too deep, being an IPS panel. The resolution however is 1280 x 720 pixel and the touch very responsive. Obviously it is multitouch but recognizes maximum two touches at the same time. The display would also have deserved an 8 if it were not for the accuracy a little inaccurate: the touch in practice loses a bit of precision in the upper part of the display, 1-2 happens times on 10 but it is right to report it.

Camera | 7.5

The camera is what surprised me the most. I really expected bad results, but all in all the shots are more than good in various conditions. I can't say the same about the videos, which are quite noisy both outdoors and indoors and the absence of a stabilizer is noticeable. The flash is also good and theHDR. The internal camera lets you take selfies with decent quality, but nothing excellent.

Here are some examples. Photos with original quality and videos can be found on Google Drive at this link.

Battery | 6.5

From the battery I honestly expected more. It's about a 3500 mAh without fast charging. So a full, very slow reload takes us more than 2 hours. The autonomy is acceptable, with Bluetooth and WiFi always on, you can overcome the 3 hours on screen turned on with medium to intense use. In these conditions the battery can survive even a day and a half or two days. With more intensive use, the 4 hours and a half of the screen are also reached, but the total duration may not exceed the day.

Video, Gaming and Performance | 7

Given the price of Ulefone U008 Pro, my expectations were lower. The smartphone has been fluid on almost every occasion. After a few days of use, however, it loses responsiveness and may need to be restarted.

The graphic details in the games are obviously not at the top, but more than acceptable for a low-end smartphone. What is very positive is that it does not overheat even after an abundant hour of play and, according to CPU-Z, the temperature is around 49 °. 2k video is excellent and smooth. It is impossible to play 4k videos, which in some cases can also cause the application to hang for a few seconds; if all goes well, only the audio is played.

I encountered a problem with video playback Facebook and rarely on YouTube: in the first few seconds it can happen that the video gets smaller and the screen becomes green. When this happens it occurs for a fraction of a second and immediately after the reproduction it returns to be normal and fluid for the rest of the video. Nothing annoying but it is right that you know it.


Ulefone U008 Pro in conclusion it is a smartphone that can very well satisfy the less demanding, those who use smartphones especially for social media, multimedia and games that do not require high performance, without giving up good autonomy.

If you are looking for an ideal smartphone for gaming or great photos, obviously U008 Pro is not for you, but it is quite obvious that a low-end device cannot compete in these fields.

Where to buy it

Ulefone U008 is available on GearBest a 71 euros in the colors Black, Rose Gold and Silver Gray. With Italy Express (at 1.27 €) delivery takes place in approx 15 days without customs.

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