Released the Beta 4 of Android Q: here is all the news

The Beta 4 of Android Q for smartphones Essential Phone e pixel of Google. Do not doubt the information regarding other devices suitable for updating. Let's see together what are the innovations that this brings beta 4 compared to the previous one beta 3.

Android Q Beta 4

New Android Q Beta 4

  • Like on Android Pie, For the navigation to gesture A button has been added to block the rotation of the display.
  • La receipt of notifications has been rearranged in such a way as to make everything clearer and more settled, and also the choice to postpone notifications.
  • Notifications can be deleted by scrolling left or right, as in the previous Beta 1.
  • In navigation to gesture the function of the has been removed Block, which allowed to fix an application in the foreground.
  • Notifications are set to low priority automatically according to an algorithm Adaptive Notifications.
  • On devices pixel the function Smart Lock it will be called: Pixel Presence and allows you to keep the device unlocked in various systems connected to your smartphone.
  • THEAlways On Display has been revisited with a thicker time font and the date removed
  • THEscreen lock icon has been moved to the top of the display
  • Some applications will be able to start tasks even if they are background mode.
  • Suggested applications disappear from the drawer
  • For the drop-down menu there are four new colors: Ocean, Cinnamon, Space and Orchid color.

Other unconfirmed news:

There would be other news regarding this Beta 4 of Android Q as the function Smart Stay of the devices Samsung, that Google will call Screen Attention and will allow the screen not to go off if we were watching it. There is also rumor of a fateful release with the Apple style face, which in the settings has the voice of Face Authentication usable "maybe" for online payments.

However Google has paused the rollout due to a problem of bootloop on some Pixels. We will know as soon as possible when the rollout.

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