Ringdroid: create notifications, alarms and ringtones from our media files

Today I want to present you a very useful application and at the same time simple to use. It is about Ringdroid, an app that now counts more than 10.000.000 downloads on Play Store and with an average of well 4,5 stars! Ringdroid is an open source application and is used to edit audio tracks, precisely to cut them.

As said, the use is really simple. Obviously on our device there must be the tracks that we want to modify, therefore opening the application we will display all the available tracks. If not, we press the menu and select Show all audio. Without this we select the track that we want to modify.
As soon as the track is loaded, we will see a graph representing our track and the first 15 seconds ready to be cut will be selected for deault. All that remains is to select the part we are interested in cutting to get out notifications, ringtones or custom alarms.


The selection can be made with great precision: it is possible to increase / reduce the zoom of the graph, reproduce at any time the selection or any point of the track with a simple tap and move the beginning and the end to choose exactly the duration that will have the ringtone and finally, perfect by writing the exact instant in which it will have to start / finish with precision in hundredths of a second.
Once the modification is complete, just select the icon in the form of a floppy to save, choose the type and name of the new file and at this point we will be asked whether to set the ringtone as default or whether to associate it with a contact.

Ringdroid-track Ringdroid-saving Ringdroid-setting

Once saved, you can find the file in / Media / audio

The application can also be useful to eliminate 'silences' that are often present in some tracks and consequently reduce their size.

The formats supported by the application are the most common: MP3, AAC / MP4, WAV, 3GPP / AMR while the version is required for the Android version 1.6, so you can install it on any terminal! If you want to take a look at the application code (being open source) you can find more information about this link.

To download Ringdroid you can use the following link | Download in English

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