Restore official Oxygen OS on OnePlus X

I recently purchased a Chinese OnePlus X (E001 model) instead of the European one (E003 model) saving 50 well, obviously I was aware of the fact that he would arrive on board Hydrogen OS (for the Chinese market) instead of Oxygen OS (for the European market); no problem, I said to myself, OnePlus terminals were born for modding quindi flasheró for sure something regardless. To my surprise, when the terminal arrived, I noticed that the pre-installed OS was this:

Strange, but true: the Oxygen OS was on board! But being a veteran of a complicated experience with one Xiaomi Redmi notes 3 I was not fooled by appearances and I wanted to make all the necessary checks (thankfully), discovering that Oxygen OS was present inside the phone, but in an unofficial version and modified by the seller.

Oxygen OS official: how to recognize it

Understanding whether the installed ROM is official or not is very simple: the latest version of Oxygen OS currently available for OnePlus X is the v2.2.1 so if you have a previous version you will only have to manually check the availability of the updates from the settings and if the verification does not give a good result, then the ROM is not original.

Another way, perhaps simpler than the first, to understand if we are in front of a "custom vendor" ROM is the presence of bloatware more or less invasive. In my case, I already had some "Cheetah Mobile" apps pre-installed.

Restore official Oxygen OS: the procedure

The first thing to do in order to restore the official Oxygen OS on our OnePlus X is to get the ".zip" file containing the operating system from here (choose the 2.2.0 version), move the file to the internal memory of the OnePlus X.

I remind you that the procedure will delete any data on your device so I invite you to make all the backups of the case

Make sure you have at least the 30% remaining charge and turn off the device. From the terminal off, we press and hold the "volume -" and "power" keys until the recovery screen appears, from which we will have to choose the English language to continue.

From the recovery we select "wipe data" and "wipe cache", we wait for the end of the procedure and then we select the item "install from local"> "internal memory": now we navigate within the folders of our OnePlus X until we find and select the file to install; we let the device complete the procedure and then we can restart it.

Obviously we will have to configure our device from the beginning and after doing so we will immediately be able to see (from the settings) that the procedure has been successful:

Obviously now that we have restored the official version of Oxygen OS, we will receive the official OTA updates and we will be able to install them directly from the phone, automatically and without problems.

The InTheBit staff assumes no responsibility in the event of malfunctions or loss of data resulting from the improper use of this guide, carry out this procedure at your own risk.


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