Fix Ubuntu keyboard bug (incorrect symbols)

In the latest releases of Ubuntu there is a small bug that manages to make us puzzling during the writing. It is unclear as to which event occurs, but it happens from time to time that the keyboard symbols are misplaced: we press the hyphen and the question mark is printed; we press the question mark and the hyphen is printed, just to give some examples.

The problem seems to be due to IBus, a system necessary to use the characters of languages ​​such as Chinese, Russian, Greek and others with a different alphabet from ours.


Sibus-bug-keyboard-ubuntu1and you are forced to use these characters, I don't know yet a solution, but it is possible to 'solve' this bug by simply switching the language from Italian to the secondary language and vice versa, using the button in the bar at the top. However, the bug will continue to appear.
If, on the other hand, you don't have to use languages ​​with different characters, but only use Italian, the solution is very easy. Just disable IBus.

Go to Language support -> Language and at the bottom, under the heading 'Keyboard input system' select 'none' instead of IBus.


If you know another solution, let us know!

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