How to solve (almost) all problems with DLLs on Windows

Often it happens to install programs and upon opening find yourself an error of the missing DLLs (the most common is 0xc00007b), especially in games or graphics programs such as Photoshop.

solve Windows dll problems

To solve them, you will need to download the program Dependency Walker for your type of system. To check which one you own, head to Control panel -> System and security -> System, then read System type.

Then extract the archive using programs such as WinRAR and open the file depends.exe. You'll find yourself in front of a gray screen. It's normal. Now click on the folder and browse to find the executable of the program that does not start (to be sure about what the file is, if you have a shortcut on the Desktop, right-click on it, then on Property and check file path). So, for sure, it will give you mistakes. This should be more or less the screen you'll find yourself:

dll program missing windows

Now inside the box that is roughly in the middle, go down until the errors finish. Go down again until something red in the CPU is colored. That is the problem. If to be colored in red is x86, then you will have to download the dll file in x64, otherwise the opposite. You can find the DLLs here:

In this site, all you have to do is type your DLL in the search bar and download the latest version for the required architecture. Then extract the archive and copy the file to the root of your program (or where all the DLLs are); you will probably need to overwrite some old files. In this case it is recommended to make a backup of the old file, simply by copying it to another folder.

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